About Us

We are a Houston, Texas small business.  Welcome to our site! 

During ‘normal times’ when there isn’t a pandemic happening, our business operations are in the health and wellness industry. We source and market products online which are aimed at improving the lives of our customers. Although PPE products are not part of our regular product line, we decided to seize the opportunity to do our part during these unfortunate times to help flatten the curve by closing the gap in supply to consumers and healthcare professionals. 

What separates us from others is our commitment to excellent customer service practices and exceptional knowledge of the products we stand behind. We have been involved with bringing products into the united states for many years and are driven to find great products at the best prices possible to maintain competitive pricing. Our KN95 masks are CE approved and have been manufactured to EEA standards and are FDA certified. It is important to note that the KN95 face masks on our site are not the N95 masks that are in short supply and demanded by healthcare professionals. We are not bidding against hospitals or first responders, and are happy to provide these products close to actual cost to anyone on the front line of this crisis. We are mindful of the need to keep a limited inventory here in the U.S. For any mask orders over 2,000 the shipment will be arranged directly from source (visit here for more info). Additionally, we are donating 1 mask for every 10 sold online.

By bringing these products into the U.S. it allows us to help keep our families safe, our employees working and provide a product that is in demand and necessary in the current climate, for now and the foreseeable future.

Please take a moment to visit our blog posts to learn more.