The Wild, Wild West of PPE

There has been a great deal of panic surrounding Covid-19 and understandably so. Of course, when that happens, certain people try to profit from that. What we are talking about is complete misrepresentation and outright lying to either price gouge or to sell counterfeit products. With this type of product you cannot afford to take that gamble with your health and the health of those around you.

Reports of government agencies bidding prices to $5.00 per mask for uncertified/undocumented products for millions of masks at a time are real and still fresh in our minds. Hand made masks for the masses was our answer and we were conditioned to believe all foreign manufactured masks were 'knock-off' masks.  Until just very recently, it was next to impossible to purchase certified KN95/N95 masks; and the talk is still around preserving quantity for those who really need them, especially first responders which we stand behind.

If you truly want to protect yourself and others, there are sellers like us offering certified PPE, with full transparency as to what you are buying. You will find our full list of documents published on our site to show that we provide quality product from an FDA certified manufacturer and that what you see is what you'll get. We want you to feel as confident as possible in the quality of the KN95 mask that we sell and of course to come back and look to us as your PPE source.

Our product is brand new to the U.S. because of the importation hoops our manufacturer had to go through due to government restrictions. At this point, all masks being imported into the U.S. must pass inspection and provide FDA and CE certifications. Wholesale/large quantity prices for REAL, tested, vetted, FDA certified and CE certified are around $3.00/mask to purchase in bulk. Our price breaks for quantity purchases (especially for very large numbers directly from source) reflect these at cost prices.

Our mission is to provide safe PPE. Have confidence in knowing that you are protecting yourself and others as well as possible when you purchase from our site. Please visit our documentation page to verify our product. This is not about appearances, if you are wanting a mask in order to 'appear' that you are protecting yourself and others, we welcome you to purchase the fake 'hepa' filter masks for $1.00 to $2.00/mask (the hepa filter alone right now is over $1.00 in cost) or you can just keep wearing that homemade mask you bought off Etsy.